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Welding Helmets

MP-10 Series - Welding Helmet

MP-10 Series Welding Helmet

The MP-10™ Series helmet line features a passive shade lens #10 giving you Miller quality in a non-auto-darkening helmet.

Classic Series Welding Helmet

Classic Series Welding Helmet

Two auto-darkening options for the value-minded welder.  A fixed shade #10 lens or a variable shade #8-13 will give you the protection you need for light duty applications.

PERFORMANCE Series - Welding Helmet

Digital Performance Series Welding Helmet

The Digital Performance Series helmet features new digital controls, redesigned headgear for better fit and comfort, a 3 year warranty plus new Cut mode; three arc sensors, 7.22 sq. in. viewing area and auto-on/off.

DIGITAL ELITE Series Welding Helmet

Digital Elite Series Welding Helmet

The Digital Elite Series auto-darkening helmet line features new and improved digital controls, redesigned headgear for better fit and comfort and a 3 year warranty; 9.22 sq. in. viewing area and four arc sensors. The ultimate welding helmet PLUS four modes of digital versatility for intense applications.


Digital Infinity Series Welding Helmets

With a 13.4 square inch viewing area, the Infinity Series welding helmets have the largest viewing area in the industry. Wide screen format provides unsurpassed view and eliminates tunnel vision.

TITANIUM Series Welding Helmet

Titanium Series Welding Helmet

With an aluminum heat shield to protect the lens from high amperage, and a silver shell to reflect heat and keep you cooler, this auto-darkening helmet line is ideally suited for the most extreme welding and cutting applications. (Four models available, three include new Info-Track™ arc tracking technology, digital controls, redesigned headgear and more.)

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